Booking a Motorbike in Nha Trang, Vietnam

For bookings please read the information below and then contact us at
+84 33 782 4636
If you are at our shop, please follow THIS LINK to speed up the booking process.

➽ Do you have an international driver's license for motorbikes? If not, you should rent a 50 CC motorbike or an electric scooter which is equivalent to a 50 CC motorbike.

➽ We have mostly newer bikes and maintain them very well. Most of our motorbikes are for daily rental. Our more powerfull motorbikes are mainly for use within Khan Hoa province (view on Google Maps). Our 50 CC bikes are for use withing Nha Trang City (view on Google Maps). If you want to rent monthly or want to go outside Khan Hoa province, please message us with your specific travel plan. ➽ You must have experience driving a motorbike. If you do not have experience, we may be able to let you test drive one of our 50 CC scooters and if you do well, we can rent it to you.

We do require a deposit for all rentals. We will hold your passport or goverment-issued ID and/or $200.00 USD as deposit per vehicle. We also need to make a copy of your passport.

➽ Gasoline is not included in our pricing. You can refill the tank to the level at the time you checked it our or pay for the fuel used (20000 vnd per liter). Our electric scooters are fully charged and have a range of 80 to 120 km per charge. Most of our customers only use around 20% to 30% of the battery per day. You can exchange it for another scooter at our shop, charge it at your hotel (if they allow it), or you can drop it off and we can charge it for you (it takes about 4 hours to chage it to 100%).

➽ You are fully responsible for the motorbike, helmets, security systems, and gear which we provide for you. There are many thieves in the city so be very carefull and don't leave helmets or other valuables unsecured.

Enjoy your stay in Nha Trang.
The Moto4Free Team

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